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2012 Tax Preparation

Posted By on November 13, 2012

Good News!  For those of you who have been visiting our website to find out if we prepare income taxes, we will be able to prepare taxes this next tax season.

Our CEO, Tena Chase, is currently in classes to become a registered tax preparer and will be preparing taxes this tax season.  At the conclusion of this tax season she will sit for the Enrolled Agent exam, and as an Enrolled Agent she can prepare tax returns and represent you before the IRS if you get audited.

Many people do not know what an Enrolled Agent is, so I’ll explain it.  An Enrolled Agent are the only people licensed by the US Federal Government (IRS) to prepare taxes and represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  If you are a taxpayer who is in need of representation before the  IRS your choices for representation are:  Enrolled Agent, Certified Public Accountant, or  Attorney.


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Data WAN – data file sharing that goes the distance.

Posted By on September 9, 2012

Access almost any data file that can be stored and hosted on a server right from your desktop.  Multi-user access as if the server was in the other room.  Works with QuickBooks and other programs.  $39 per month for the first two users (5gb data file storage/40gb per month data transfer).

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The Truth About ID Theft Protection Plans

Posted By on July 28, 2011

It seems everyone is getting into the act of offering Identity theft protection policies & plans. It’s a very serious problem that is spreading like wildfire. Recently a friend of mine has one of his credit cards used in Brazil even though he has never been to the country.

Consumers are also being shocked when they discover the limitations of the protection they purchased. Much like when you hear an intruder in your home, you need immediate action. You don’t want the 911 operator offer to e-mail a crime report with a list of possible affected agencies. You need someone with authority

Below is a coverage chart that will hopefully help you. I called and spoke with the listed agencies representatives rather then just relying on a website or brochure.

Features PrePaid Legal Life Lock Dave Ramsey  Zander Ins. Farmer’s ins. Identity 911 Many Banks
Credit Monitoring Yes 2 Adults Yes No Yes 2 people Yes
Monthly Cost $9.95 w/ legal plan. $12.95 w/o $10.00 per person $5.42 $9.95
Coverage for minor children Yes + $1.00 per month up to 4 kids No No Yes No
Recovery cost limits Unlimited $1 Mil – only if their system failed to inform you of a thieft Up to $20K for reimbursable expenses $28,500 for reimbursable expenses Varries
Are Attorneys used? Yes w/ Legal Plan No No No No
Do you sign a Limited Power of Attorney? Yes No No No No
Do you need to call financial & government agencies? No. That’s our job yes No, but only investigate what you uncover yes Yes
Covered Types of ID Theft
Medical Yes No Yes No No
Socical Security Yes No Yes Yes No
Driver’s License Yes No Yes No No
Criminal Yes No Yes No No
Financial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Live legal access if arrested? Yes w/ Legal Plan No No No No
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Do You Work For A Pyramid Company?

Posted By on July 11, 2011

Here are some telltale signs of a company that could be a Pyramid scheme .

  • Only a few people receive large incomes.
  • Only 5% or less of the employees are selected to attend a company paid vacation.
  • A car allowance is only provided for a select few of the company employees.
  • Those who show up daily, but do not report to their duty station, will not be paid for their efforts.
  • If you do not perform your assigned duties for six months, you could loose your job.
  • You will only receive a sales commission if you sell something.

The truth is most company organizational charts can be shaped like a Pyramid; and all of the above statements are true of most businesses. That does not make them a rip-off or scam, but it does mean:

  • You are highly restricted in increasing your income.
  • You may be down sized even though you are an above average employee.
  • You will not continue to be paid once you stop working for the company.

Network Marketing is a multi-trillion dollar per year, business model that can offer the following:

  • The ability to offer other people the opportunity to do the same thing you do and be paid for their efforts.
  • A bonus when someone within your organization receives a raise or makes a sale.
  • Increase your income by accomplishing more.
  • The opportunity to grow your personal leadership skills without becoming a threat to your boss.
  • Gain business knowledge and skills at a minimal risk of less then $500.

Is It Time To Start Looking Out For Your Future?

Ken Bear Cole

E-mail: ken@aslbc.com

â All Rights Reserved.

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PrePaid Legal is helping local attorneys increase their income

Posted By on April 25, 2011

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PrePaid Legal is helping local attorneys increase their income by:

  • Selling a membership to those clients you do not want, or can’t afford your services.
  • One year advanced commission.
  • Residual monthly income paid as long as the membership is retained after the first year. 80% retention rate for those who use the services.
  • ID Theft Restoration by Kroll, Inc. Member signs a one page Power-Of-Attorney and licensed investigators do the rest. Kroll reviews the member’s Medical, Drivers License, Criminal, Social Security and Financial records for ID Theft

For more information visit my website or call me @ 503-702-0930

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Start A New Business During A Recession? Yes!

Posted By on March 20, 2011

With so many people out of work these days, some are deciding to venture out on their own by starting a new business. Many prominent businesses were started during a recession. Allstate Insurance, Microsoft, Disney and almost half of Dow Jones Index companies started during a recession. In the July 13, 2009 issue of Time Magazine, Robert Kiyosaki, the Rich Dad, Poor Dad author stated,

“When times are bad is when the real Entrepreneurs emerge. Entrepreneurs don’t really care if the market’s up or down. They’re creating better products and better processes.”

How do people make it during down times? They become more creative. They are willing to look at things differently, because things are different. Many people are still operating in the Industrial Age mindset of going to college and getting good grades, so you can work for a large corporation and retire.

But we are now in the Information age. Many are finding college too slow and expensive. Since 2007 many graduates are finding themselves deeply in debt and needing to work for lower wages if they can find a job at all. Meanwhile, self-educated entrepreneurs are becoming the business owners who hire college grads to work for them. The business owners may obtain similar debt, but they have a company that is making profits, which provides an income and debt service.

But how does that affect traditional industries like restaurants? A lunch wagon owner in Los Angeles is using Twitter to alert customers where they will be in 30 minutes. They are arriving and finding customers lined up to buy their food. Delis are providing small discounts to their customers who E-mail their lunch orders by 10 am. That way the deli can make orders up ahead of time. They are even providing a separate pick up lane for those prepaid orders. The customers are happier and the deli is becoming more profitable.

Others are looking at network marketing, the concept of being able to become a franchisee for a major company and their products. It saves the manufacture millions of dollars in advertising and allows common individuals to build a business that they own. No more downsizing or layoffs. It is their company, which can be handed down to future generations. These business owners can duplicate themselves by helping others do the same thing. This is providing residual income for hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the world.

So don’t sit at home wondering what to do, investigate owning your own business.



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How To Be Paid Now & In The Future For What You Do Today?

Posted By on March 10, 2011

Then Network Marketing could be for you. Not a salesperson you say. You do not need to sell when you enroll with a quality company. Today there are professionally produced videos, which can be emailed or handed to prospective customers. Actually, most professional salespeople don’t do as well as the average non-sales individual. The sales pros tend to make their success about their ability to sell, which is fine for them; but those looking to join their organization, believe they can’t do it because they can’t or do not want to sell things.

Most people want to tell others when they find a good product or service. That is what good Network Marketers do. They are not pushy, abusive, and obnoxious or loose their friends. They just share. Some will want the product and others will not. It simply does not matter! These marketers just need to share the information. Most people work on a part time basis, spending only about 10-15 hours per week.

You need to find a company that has a renewable product, which is easy to maintain. If your customers need to wait 7–10 days for a refill to arrive, you might loose that customer. There are people who have continued to get paid residual income for over 40 years. Many only know a fraction of their customers, because they have built a network of people offering products throughout the country. These are the same business principles that Costco, Home Depot, Wall-Mart, Insurance companies, Mc Donald’s, Burger King and many other companies have used, but most of those organizations charge $100,000-$1 million for a franchise. Then you need to lease or purchase a location and build a restaurant or store. With Network Marketing companies your franchise fees are usually less then $500.

There are literally thousands of products and services sold via Network Marketing. That is where you purchase franchise rights to market for an established company.

Beware of organizations with less then two years of experience. Most start up companies die because of administrative problems or lack of cash.

I am a member of PrePaid Legal, which has been around for almost 40 years. They are traded on the NYSE (PPD) and are changing how people obtain legal advice and assistance.

You can utilize one or more of the five membership divisions including the ability to contact an attorney daily on unlimited matters for about the cost of 5 large lattes per month. Identity Theft Restoration for you and your children is available for about two more lattes each month. Click here for more information.

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$5.00 Per Gallon Gas Prices?

Posted By on March 10, 2011


Yes we could see $5.00 per gallon gasoline prices this summer. We have already seen $4.99 for premium in parts of California. I was wondering what the average person thought about this potential increase, so I took a survey of people at shopping centers.

Most said they simply could not afford $5.00 for a gallon of gas, but some indicated that they could afford gas prices as high as $8.00 per gallon. A few indicated they would forego a family vacation this year or curtail their children’s activities like soccer or baseball.

No one selected the option of looking for additional work, like a part time job, which surprised me.

But the truth is, we will pay whatever it costs to continue driving our cars. The majority of those surveyed indicated they owned a compact vehicle and a SUV or truck. As gas prices continue to rise, you will see more SUVs parked and used sparingly.

I remember 1973 when gas prices rose from 23 cents to 35 cents per gallon and we all thought we were going to die. Car dealers were almost giving away large vehicles like Cadillac, which only got 5 or 6 miles per gallon. People were saying they could not afford the increase, but we all somehow managed. During the 1980s we stood in line and could only buy gas on odd or even days. Your day to buy gas was indicated by the last number on your car’s license plate. If you had vehicles with both odd & even you were allowed to spend from 45 minuets to two hours in line to fill your tank. But at least the price of a gallon of gas was around 85 cents.

So I guess it is time to tighten our belts once more as the price of most everything is going to increase because of gasoline prices. We will learn new ways to conserve and it will open opportunities for businesses to create and market new items, which will save us money. Just think, your new job could be created during this crisis.

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Building A Business

Posted By on March 9, 2011

Building a business falls under the Laws of Physics.

“Objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.”

It will take more effort to start building a team, then once people start joining. Don’t be discouraged when you hear from those who have built a large organization and are making thousands of dollars each month. Everyone struggles at different stages of this business. I have listened to stories from Executive Directors who were stuck at Associate or Manager for months, before things started to click. The key is to not give up, but examine what you are doing. Often you may be making things too complicated. Remember, everything you do must be easy to duplicate. Rely on the tools and your up-line rather then your own skills. That will make you more successful.

If you have suffer from people dropping out, you need to realize that is common, but it may not be of your making. Remember the story of The Sower in the Bible. He had good seed, but the birds ate some. The sun consumed some who had little depth. Others were consumed by the cares of life. But there were those who produced 30 times, 60 times and 100 times, these are the ones you need to concentrate your efforts.

It is important to think like a lifeguard. You must approach someone who is drowning with extreme caution or they will pull you under and both of you will drown. You need to protect yourself first. You may also discover that you need to grow and develop new skills. Rather then praying that things become easier, ask that you become stronger and more adapt at managing and assisting other to fulfill their dreams.

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Myths About Network Marketing

Posted By on February 27, 2011

It is interesting to hear some of the myths regarding Network Marketing.

Those who get in early have the best advantage. False. At the beginning of a new company is actually quite risky. Network Marketing requires a lot of capital during start-up and growth. I do not recommend anyone to join a company that has been in business less then two years. The risks are simply too high. If being on the ground floor were important in business, you would never see new restaurants, tire stores, or cell phone companies.

If you become a Network Marketer, you will loose all of your friends. For some this has been true, because of their marketing tactics. No one wants to be around a predatory salesperson. That is not the way to do business in any industry. You should be honest and open regarding the presentation of your company and it’s products. People want to buy rather then be sold something. Predators do not build customer loyalty. Repeat customers are the key to building long term income.

You won’t make any money unless you recruit new salespeople. This is not true if you are working with a quality company, which markets valuable products or services at reasonable prices. The purpose of recruiting others is to help them become successful by duplicating what you are doing. Building a team will produce residual income from the efforts of everyone in your organization.

You need to be a good salesperson to make money in Network Marketing. Good salespeople often do poorly in these type businesses, because they are not easily duplicated. A good Network Marketing company will have professionally produced marketing tools that can be E-mailed or handed to prospects. Here is one of the best appointment setting scripts I have seen:

“I have a part time business that I am excited about.”

“You may or may not be interested, but it will only take 15-20 minutes of your life to look at it.”

“I would appreciate your time, because I usually enroll one out of ten people and I don’t mind if you are one of the nine not interested. I just need to present it to ten people to become successful. Can you help me?”

Everyone who has a networking business will become rich. I wish that were true, but success depends on following proven marketing plans, which are easily duplicated by others. It also requires consistent activity. Sprinters come off the line fast, but they also soon fade. It is better to dedicate one or two hours per day to the business, then spend a 10 or 12-hour day once a week or month.

Owning your own business will also require you to learn new skills such as motivating, encouraging, public speaking and organizing. Your success will be determined by your effective activity and determination. You will learn to keep going after you services are rejected by some of your friends and family members. Voices of discouragement will never silence. You need to learn how to become stronger. You can’t build a strong physical body with lots of hard work. Resisting the desires to quit will build your business strength.

To learn more about my Network Markeing business click here

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