About TLC Business Solutions

I offer multi-faceted experience as a professional in the Accounting field with a keen focus on strategic planning, data analysis, process improvements, and team leadership in collaboration with strong and talented teams.

I successfully utilize my analytical skills, quick learning, and critical thinking to ensure proper guidelines and streamlining of operations. My attention to detail, solid work ethic, and passion assists my overall skill set with regard to the nuances of the field. I am a creative thinker with an innovative and strategic vision to how I approach my position with the decision-making ability to manage operations, analytics, and relationships as needed. A few examples of my successes in the field are below.

Career Highlights

Identified $500,000

Identified more than $500,000 in assets that had been inadvertently written off; added assets to balance sheet and notified tax accountant of changes.

System Conversions

Numerous system conversions, including complete accounting data reconstruction and completing failed system conversion.

Discovered $100,000

Discovered and corrected $100,000 in overstated expense and liabilities, resulting in increased net income and owner equity.

Time & Money Saved

Increased employee benefits at no additional cost to the employer, while saving the company time and money in benefits administration.

Records Conversion

Converted three years accounting records from cash to accrual to comply with SEC audit, corrected and electronically filed 1099's for the previous three years, worked with CPA to correct and amend three years income tax returns, provided partners with new K1s.

Discovered embezzlement

Gathered source documents, obtained fraud refunds from banks / credit card companies & provided documents to DA for prosecution.