Tena Chase worked for Ford Street Project from 4/1/04-8/29/07. I was Tena's direct supervisor. I am the Fiscal Director and she was my assistant. Tena is very bright and has a very comprehensive knowledge of accounting. She is a very fast learner and a hard worker. She has very high integrity and is knowledgeable of acceptable accounting procedures. She is very good a streamlining procedures to help use work time more productively. She is very computer literate and has a real mastery of Microsoft Word and Excel. I would highly recommend Tena for any position that she feels she is qualified to fill.
Prilla Goforth, Ukiah, CA

Tena takes her work and her expertise seriously and has the highest standards of integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend her skill set to another business. Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , On Time
Doug DelBosco, Ukiah, CA

Tena was creative, intelligent and highly productive in all aspects of her work. She was a quick learner and a versatile, highly skilled employee who helped to move our agency in a better direction. Knowledgeable with the computer and in financial management. Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity
Mark Rohloff, Ukiah, CA

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