Myths About Network Marketing

| February 27, 2011

Those who get in early have the best advantage. False. At the beginning of a new company is actually quite risky. Network Marketing requires a lot of capital during start-up and growth.


A Part Time Thing

| February 22, 2011

It simply does not make sense to get a part time job, because most of them only pay $9.00 per hour. That is only $36.00 for another half a day of work and it’s less after taxes. It hardly seems worth it.

Many are discovering the power of owning a part time business…

Passive or residual income is an important consideration when choosing a company. passive income is when you make one sale, but get paid over and over again for that sale. This happens when customers reorder or continue paying for a service year after year.


Baby Boomers Are Changing Course

| February 11, 2011

Too many workers are unemployed these days, but that is the price for working for others. You become subject to their business ups and downs. You are strapped into the ride and have little control of market shifts or downsizing.

There is a way for you to be paid over, and over again for doing one act. This is called Passive or Residual Income.


The Federal Government Is Helping Again

| February 7, 2011

The department of labor has set up an 800 number, which rings at the American Bar Association. They have attorneys who will hear complaints and represent workers on a contingent basis. This will undoubtedly increase lawsuits, which could prevent some smaller employers from hiring additional workers.


Bold Move

| February 1, 2011

I am always impressed when a person or company makes a bold move in business. January 30, 2011 was one of those days. MidOcean Partners purchased PrePaid Legal for $650 Million. They are purchasing ALL shares of stock to return the company to a privately held company.