Do You Work For A Pyramid Company?

Here are some telltale signs of a company that could be a Pyramid scheme .

  • Only a few people receive large incomes.
  • Only 5% or less of the employees are selected to attend a company paid vacation.
  • A car allowance is only provided for a select few of the company employees.
  • Those who show up daily, but do not report to their duty station, will not be paid for their efforts.
  • If you do not perform your assigned duties for six months, you could loose your job.
  • You will only receive a sales commission if you sell something.

The truth is most company organizational charts can be shaped like a Pyramid; and all of the above statements are true of most businesses. That does not make them a rip-off or scam, but it does mean:

  • You are highly restricted in increasing your income.
  • You may be down sized even though you are an above average employee.
  • You will not continue to be paid once you stop working for the company.

Network Marketing is a multi-trillion dollar per year, business model that can offer the following:

  • The ability to offer other people the opportunity to do the same thing you do and be paid for their efforts.
  • A bonus when someone within your organization receives a raise or makes a sale.
  • Increase your income by accomplishing more.
  • The opportunity to grow your personal leadership skills without becoming a threat to your boss.
  • Gain business knowledge and skills at a minimal risk of less then $500.

Is It Time To Start Looking Out For Your Future?

Ken Bear Cole


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