Myths About Network Marketing

It is interesting to hear some of the myths regarding Network Marketing.

Those who get in early have the best advantage. False. At the beginning of a new company is actually quite risky. Network Marketing requires a lot of capital during start-up and growth. I do not recommend anyone to join a company that has been in business less then two years. The risks are simply too high. If being on the ground floor were important in business, you would never see new restaurants, tire stores, or cell phone companies.

If you become a Network Marketer, you will loose all of your friends. For some this has been true, because of their marketing tactics. No one wants to be around a predatory salesperson. That is not the way to do business in any industry. You should be honest and open regarding the presentation of your company and it’s products. People want to buy rather then be sold something. Predators do not build customer loyalty. Repeat customers are the key to building long term income.

You won’t make any money unless you recruit new salespeople. This is not true if you are working with a quality company, which markets valuable products or services at reasonable prices. The purpose of recruiting others is to help them become successful by duplicating what you are doing. Building a team will produce residual income from the efforts of everyone in your organization.

You need to be a good salesperson to make money in Network Marketing. Good salespeople often do poorly in these type businesses, because they are not easily duplicated. A good Network Marketing company will have professionally produced marketing tools that can be E-mailed or handed to prospects. Here is one of the best appointment setting scripts I have seen:

“I have a part time business that I am excited about.”

“You may or may not be interested, but it will only take 15-20 minutes of your life to look at it.”

“I would appreciate your time, because I usually enroll one out of ten people and I don’t mind if you are one of the nine not interested. I just need to present it to ten people to become successful. Can you help me?”

Everyone who has a networking business will become rich. I wish that were true, but success depends on following proven marketing plans, which are easily duplicated by others. It also requires consistent activity. Sprinters come off the line fast, but they also soon fade. It is better to dedicate one or two hours per day to the business, then spend a 10 or 12-hour day once a week or month.

Owning your own business will also require you to learn new skills such as motivating, encouraging, public speaking and organizing. Your success will be determined by your effective activity and determination. You will learn to keep going after you services are rejected by some of your friends and family members. Voices of discouragement will never silence. You need to learn how to become stronger. You can’t build a strong physical body with lots of hard work. Resisting the desires to quit will build your business strength.

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