Building A Business

Building a business falls under the Laws of Physics.

“Objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.”

It will take more effort to start building a team, then once people start joining. Don’t be discouraged when you hear from those who have built a large organization and are making thousands of dollars each month. Everyone struggles at different stages of this business. I have listened to stories from Executive Directors who were stuck at Associate or Manager for months, before things started to click. The key is to not give up, but examine what you are doing. Often you may be making things too complicated. Remember, everything you do must be easy to duplicate. Rely on the tools and your up-line rather then your own skills. That will make you more successful.

If you have suffer from people dropping out, you need to realize that is common, but it may not be of your making. Remember the story of The Sower in the Bible. He had good seed, but the birds ate some. The sun consumed some who had little depth. Others were consumed by the cares of life. But there were those who produced 30 times, 60 times and 100 times, these are the ones you need to concentrate your efforts.

It is important to think like a lifeguard. You must approach someone who is drowning with extreme caution or they will pull you under and both of you will drown. You need to protect yourself first. You may also discover that you need to grow and develop new skills. Rather then praying that things become easier, ask that you become stronger and more adapt at managing and assisting other to fulfill their dreams.

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